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Vectorworks 2012 Torrent



July 31, 2012 Vectorworks 2012 Download =Cracked= PC/Mac OS X (Vectorworks 2012. download Vectorworks 2012 torrent, download Vectorworks 2012 key, . Vectorworks 2012 Downloads Pc | Serial Number Vectorworks 2012 Free; Vectorworks 2012 Download.Q: Can't get current logged in user from within a typescript class I've got a file that is using a generic component to store a list of users, and each user is marked with a different colored icon depending on the logged in status of the user. this works fine when the code is located inside a regular HTML file and the code to retrieve the user is located inside the main HTML file. But I can't get the same to work when the same code is used within the Typescript file. What am I doing wrong? Here's the code. import { Component, ViewChild, ElementRef, OnInit } from '@angular/core'; import {User} from '../../../../../models/User'; import {Router} from '@angular/router'; import {UserService} from '../../../../../services/user.service'; import {AuthService} from '../../../../../services/auth.service'; @Component({ selector: 'home-user-list', templateUrl: './home-user-list.component.html', styleUrls: ['./home-user-list.component.css'], }) export class HomeUserListComponent implements OnInit { constructor(private router: Router, private userService: UserService, private authService: AuthService) { } @ViewChild(ElementRef) elRef: ElementRef; loggedInUser: any; user: any = {}; ngOnInit(): void { this.authService.isLoggedIn() .subscribe(isLoggedIn => { this.loggedInUser = isLoggedIn; console.log(this.loggedInUser); }); this.userService.getLoggedInUser() .subscribe(


Vectorworks 2012 Torrent

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